Das Energi

 take everything that is strong in you

and put it to work

set it free

never mind what anyone thinks

take all your muscles

and stretch them to their limits

you’ll amaze yourself, how good you’ll feel

and how much good you’ll do

just by radiating pure energy outward

– contact high the ultimate form of communication –

you are beautiful,




– Paul Williams

Be – all of that which you are, all of that which you can, all of that which you want to,

all of that which you can imagine,

because today is merely a fraction……a piece, a portion, a percentage of the 1RM that is the scheme of things,

for when the bell rings…….tolls………or gets ta jinglin’………it’s too late to BE.

trust me.

i’ve been there,

done that,

and even eventually……thrown in the free T that proves it,

so the blog i’m starting today is my personal replacement for the athletic cut,


chest worn billboard that defines,

every cleverly articulated punch line,


or slandering slogan – used to diffuse the uncomfortable silence between outright confidence,

and overwhelming insecurity,

because assuredly i prefer to be – understood,

so daily – i will knock on this metaphorical Apple wood regardless of who is there to open it.

……..knock, knock