1) General Prep
1min jump rope
1min stretch
2) Mobilization
– rig banded squat
3) Warm-Up
3rds: (EB)
5 snatch DL
5 tall snatch
5 OH squat
5 reverse lunges ea leg

180123 – Weightlifting

Power Snatch
4 rounds
AMRAP in 90sec @ 65-80% (singles)
*after last rep, 50ft back rack walking lunge*
**rest 2:30**

180123 – Metcon

For time:
30 cal row
30 C2B
20 cal row
10 cal row
10 MU
*10min cap*

180123 – Accessory

1a) ISO chin-up hold x ME
1b) AMRAP EB curl x :30sec
– rest :30sec –
1c) AMRAP close grip push-ups x :30sec

Cool Down

2-3min airdyne
foam roll



1) General Prep
1min bike/row
1min stretch
2) Mobilization
– couch stretch
– glute stretch
3) Warm-up
1min row/bike
50 air squats
30 KB sings
50 abmat situps

180122 – Weightlifting

Back Squat

E2M @ 90% x 5 x 5


180122 – Metcon

AMRAP in 12min:

5 DL (275/185)
10 box jumps (24/20)
15 wall ball (20/14


180122 – Accessory

 – Aerobic Capacity –

800m run
work/rest 2:

Cool Down

2-3min bike/row
Full body foam roll


Monday WOD – 

 “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 



1) General Prep
4min total
:30sec mountain climbers/:30sec rest
1min stretch
2) Mobilization
– glute stretch
3) Warm-Up
1mile bike – or- 1K row
20 lunge jumps

180115 – Strength
Back Squat

E2M @ 90% x 5 x


180115 – Metcon

AMRAP in 10min:

15 cal row
15 hang power snatch (95/65

180115 – Accessory

2K row

Cool Down

Full body foam roll x5-10min
2-3min bike


“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” Og Mandino  



1) General Prep
2rds of:
1min row
1min plank
2) Mobilization
– band dislocates
– pec/scap mash w/ LX ball
3) Warm-up
4rds of:
10 line sprints
20 KB swings
20 goblet squats

180109 – Weightlifting

Power Snatch
5rds of:
1min AMRAP @ 60-75% (singles! NOT TNG)
*rest 2min


180109 – Metcon

For time:
500m row
50 box jumps
50 T2B
50 push-ups
500m row
*15min cap*

180109 – Accessory

1a) BB curl – 3 x 12
1b) Headbangers – 3 x 12
1c) Heavy DB hold for tim

Cool Down

Full body foam roll

3min airdyne



1) General Prep
EMOM x 8min:
1st: sled sprint relay
2nd: stretch
2) Mobilization
– banded chicken wing
– glute stretch
3) Clean warm-up complex
3rds of: (EB)
5 deadlift
5 shrug pull
5 tall cleans
5 pull unders
5 jerk drop

180104 – Weightlifting

Squat Clean

65% x 5 x 4 sets
*750m row between every set

180104 – Metcon

AMRAP in 10min:

Bear hug stone carry 2 laps (95/65)
21 KB swings (70/53

Cool Down

Full body foam roll/mash 5-10min

God is a verb

Ever since i can remember, my parents have read Daily Guideposts. Memories of them sitting quietly on the couch reading it, or sharing it at the table are vivid in mind. When i moved away from home, they would always give me a copy every year for Christmas. i still read it – not only because it makes me feel close to them, but also because the stories and thoughts contained therein can bring an amazing perspective to my life. 

Today’s entry by Brian Doyle for example, was brilliantly written. He stated, “I think mostly when I talk about God I don’t have the slightest idea what I am talking about. I think God is a verb and that the noun God is a mistake because I begin to think I know something when I use a word as a handle for that which cannot be grasped.” Wow. That rang into my head almost as if i had written it myself. i love words, and writing, and have always been very deliberate with my word choice. Brian Doyle’s devotional today spoke to that – to me. i don’t speak about God often, probably more so than anything because i find myself stumbling through my vocabulary looking for just the right words. So even when i do talk about God, it never seems entirely accurate. Like trying to color a picture with a box of colored pencils (can’t stand crayons), but you’re missing half the colors you need. In the end, you wind up with a picture of a blue Incredible Hulk in ripped board shorts and no one has any clue what it’s supposed to be! 

Maybe that’s the problem. We already have enough names, labels, and/or images in our society to represent what it is we are trying to explain or portray. So why then should we find it necessary to “noun” the One that created it all in the first place? The less i feel the need to clothe the idea of God in words, or color her image in with pencils, the more realistic i find her becoming. And just like that, God becomes not another person, place, or thing……but an action……the rustle of wind through the leaves at Triple D Farm, the smell of bait sitting on the bank of Lake Mitchell, the laughter of children playing, the soft snoring of a loved one, the panting of a couple worn out pups, or even the thud of barbells and bumper plates on the dojo floor. God is, my friends. God is. Not it. 

What’s in your room?

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I had to chuckle a bit as i read that this morning. Not only because i actually do have a book/books in every room of our house, but also because as i’m packing to move to our new home, i’m realizing how many i actually have. The kids always tease me, “have you really read all of these books?!” And while technically the answer is no, i can honestly say that my eyes and thoughts have passed across the words/pages of every book i own. But of course “why” – becomes the question. Why keep lugging books from home to home and from room to room if, “A” you’ve already read the whole thing, or “B” you haven’t read the whole thing by now? Well, Cicero answered that for me this morning. 

Here’s another analogy – one you may roll your eyes at, but one that makes perfect sense none the less. What’s in your fridge – your cupboard? Food, right? And why is it important to have food readily available? Because our body requires food/nutrients to perform correct? And regardless if you’re eating food to perform as an elite athlete, or as a CEO to manage the millions of dollars your company controls, or as a mother to keep up with and manage 3 rambunctious kids, or as a neuroscientist working to develop a breakthrough on some disorder, or as single parent working 2 jobs to keep food on the table and a roof over your heads…….what you eat, directly affects how you perform. In other words, i can’t eat Oreos and drink Pepsi and the best at any of those things i just mentioned. We have to eat quality, to produce quality. Should it be so different with our brains? Feed your brain the likes of Jerry Springer and Pokémon Go, and it’s gonna perform like Jerry on the Go – feed it the likes of Bradbury, or Shakespeare, or Miyamoto, or Thoreau, and it will perform at that level of brilliance. It’s as simple as what goes in – must come out. 

So, what’s in your room? Do you surround yourself with the smell of ink laden parchment and the wisdom of the ancients? Or, have you chosen to surround yourself with the glow of modern day technology and another Candy Crush Saga level up? 


Lego, and Create

Like all of us, all that i am and all that i have become, is the collaborative process of my life experiences – good, bad, or ugly. And i – because of a somewhat sketchy past – often have a hard time of focusing on nothing but the bad, and the ugly. However, in one of my daily devotionals this morning, the writer brilliantly married the concept of building with Legos to the idea of building ourselves into the likeness of God…….the ultimate creator.

As one of my favorite writers J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote, is not our ability to create a likeness of herself in us? And like Legos, can’t we create and recreate with the same blocks over and over again?

i love Legos, and grew up playing with them day in and day out. In fact, i recreated and reenacted the Lord of the Rings trilogy long before they actually made Lego replicas of them. Now today i find myself begging the question – if i can piece together new lives and new journeys for the likes of Aragorn, Gandalf, or Bilbo Baggins……can’t i do the same for myself? Isn’t it time to “Lego” of past negative experiences, and instead recreate of positive, Godly image of them in me? i don’t see why not.



“Let it Go”

Read a phenomenal piece this morning in, Jesus, CEO by Laurie Beth Jones entitled – “He let it go.” In it, she illuminated the point that “Perhaps Jesus’ ultimate act of faith was not so much in coming to earth as in leaving it. After a lifetime of preparation and only three years of implementation and training, he had to look at his mission and then let it go.” She then uses the classic Indian Jones’ adventure for the Holy Grail as a wonderful analogy in comparison. Throughout a merry-go-round of near death experiences, riddles, and clues, Harrison Ford finally grasps what he has been in search of for so long, only to have to “let it go.” Can’t we all relate to that in some form or fashion? Think about it – have you ever given everything you possibly could in order to achieve something? Maybe you do that now – day in and day out, pouring yourself into your passions. But what if…..what if God came to you right now and whispered in your ear to “let it go.” Could you? Would you?

i know that feeling. i’ve had it pull at me from every direction of logic and emotion before, and it’s tough. It’s tough at times to decipher the difference between giving it your all, or giving up. Because it’s quite possible that the glaring and resounding answer staring you square in the face, is the just the answer you were meant to receive, like it or not. Yet if you can “rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances…..” (I Thessalonians 5:16-18) – it won’t matter if you like the answer, only that you are willing to accept that God’s organizer, playbook, or 5yr plan may not look exactly like yours.

“Let it go.” Let go of the understanding that you know it all, or that you always know best. And instead, pay attention to that little whisper in your ear. Although it may not have come through a burning bush, that doesn’t make it any less Godly.

Go, Find

“I do not seek. I find.” – Pablo Picasso

What’s the difference? Is there a difference? The difference is purpose. When you are guided with purposeful happiness, understanding, love, desire, pain, anger……you will find exactly what it is you are after. Seeking will merely direct you to what it is that you truly need to find. Like stumbling about in a dark room as you “seek” the light switch – with light, you can now “find” your shoes, your car keys – the actual thing that you needed. What do you stumble about “seeking” in your life? Do you ever wonder why your half-ass effort has yet to yield the results you want? Stop. Go find. Find love, find happiness, find God, find the true meaning behind the force that lifts your head off of your pillow day in and day out. Seeking with casual interest for accidental discoveries will simply lead to more and more seeking. Breathe in your purpose and go FIND what you really want to know. dog digging cropped