“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” Og Mandino  



1) General Prep
2rds of:
1min row
1min plank
2) Mobilization
– band dislocates
– pec/scap mash w/ LX ball
3) Warm-up
4rds of:
10 line sprints
20 KB swings
20 goblet squats

180109 – Weightlifting

Power Snatch
5rds of:
1min AMRAP @ 60-75% (singles! NOT TNG)
*rest 2min


180109 – Metcon

For time:
500m row
50 box jumps
50 T2B
50 push-ups
500m row
*15min cap*

180109 – Accessory

1a) BB curl – 3 x 12
1b) Headbangers – 3 x 12
1c) Heavy DB hold for tim

Cool Down

Full body foam roll

3min airdyne

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