Lego, and Create

Like all of us, all that i am and all that i have become, is the collaborative process of my life experiences – good, bad, or ugly. And i – because of a somewhat sketchy past – often have a hard time of focusing on nothing but the bad, and the ugly. However, in one of my daily devotionals this morning, the writer brilliantly married the concept of building with Legos to the idea of building ourselves into the likeness of God…….the ultimate creator.

As one of my favorite writers J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote, is not our ability to create a likeness of herself in us? And like Legos, can’t we create and recreate with the same blocks over and over again?

i love Legos, and grew up playing with them day in and day out. In fact, i recreated and reenacted the Lord of the Rings trilogy long before they actually made Lego replicas of them. Now today i find myself begging the question – if i can piece together new lives and new journeys for the likes of Aragorn, Gandalf, or Bilbo Baggins……can’t i do the same for myself? Isn’t it time to “Lego” of past negative experiences, and instead recreate of positive, Godly image of them in me? i don’t see why not.



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