“Let it Go”

Read a phenomenal piece this morning in, Jesus, CEO by Laurie Beth Jones entitled – “He let it go.” In it, she illuminated the point that “Perhaps Jesus’ ultimate act of faith was not so much in coming to earth as in leaving it. After a lifetime of preparation and only three years of implementation and training, he had to look at his mission and then let it go.” She then uses the classic Indian Jones’ adventure for the Holy Grail as a wonderful analogy in comparison. Throughout a merry-go-round of near death experiences, riddles, and clues, Harrison Ford finally grasps what he has been in search of for so long, only to have to “let it go.” Can’t we all relate to that in some form or fashion? Think about it – have you ever given everything you possibly could in order to achieve something? Maybe you do that now – day in and day out, pouring yourself into your passions. But what if…..what if God came to you right now and whispered in your ear to “let it go.” Could you? Would you?

i know that feeling. i’ve had it pull at me from every direction of logic and emotion before, and it’s tough. It’s tough at times to decipher the difference between giving it your all, or giving up. Because it’s quite possible that the glaring and resounding answer staring you square in the face, is the just the answer you were meant to receive, like it or not. Yet if you can “rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances…..” (I Thessalonians 5:16-18) – it won’t matter if you like the answer, only that you are willing to accept that God’s organizer, playbook, or 5yr plan may not look exactly like yours.

“Let it go.” Let go of the understanding that you know it all, or that you always know best. And instead, pay attention to that little whisper in your ear. Although it may not have come through a burning bush, that doesn’t make it any less Godly.