Deep Down

What is there? Deep down. Deep down – in the abyss of consciousness  where you hide from going because you’re scared of what you’ll find. The truth? Wait, allow me to repunctuate. The truth.

Yes, the “truth” – your greatest, most influential teacher. And the longer you wait to raise your hand and answer the question, the faster you are going to get called on. Consequently, the longer you wait, the less likely it is that you will know the answer.

Don’t wait. Know thyself and know thy answer. Dig deep – deep into that closet full of skeletons and demons until you find the outfit you are comfortable wearing day in and day out. Always keeping in mind, that you’re not the only one trying to manage their wardrobe, and that this isn’t Halloween. This is life – dress accordingly. You can’t afford to be a fashionista – literally or figuratively. You can only afford to be you. truthianm

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