“The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.” – Northrop Frye


– Weightlifting –

EMOM x 15min:

Full Clean & Jerk – 1st 5min are progressive, last 10min at 85%


– Strength/Gymnastics –

1a) Push Press – 5 x 2  (1st rep from behind the neck, 2nd rep from front rack)

1b) STRICT Pullups – 3 x SM  (weighted if possible), 1 x SM  (BW only)

* all reps completed on an 8min clock *


– Conditioning –

3 rounds for time of:

400m run

10 DB man/woman makers  (L3 – 53/35, L2 – 45/25, L1 – 35/20)

* pushup, R arm row, L arm row, power clean, push press *


– Mobility –

Achilles/calf mash w/ barbell – 3-5min ea leg

Banded ankle distraction x 3-5min ea leg

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