Forge more than Fitness

Mind.Body.Soul.Forged…….i didn’t just stumble upon that one day and decide to use it as our slogan. Nor did i write and punctuate it without purpose. But, have you ever read it on our website or shirts and really, truly thought about the meaning behind it?

Gandhi once said, “To develop the spirit is to build character and to enable one to work towards a knowledge of God and self-realization. And i held that this was an essential part of the training of the young, and that training without culture of the spirit was of no use, and might be even harmful.”

Training without the culture of the spirit, or, soul – might be harmful? Yes, and i couldn’t agree more. Because an elite level of fitness without an elite mind, body, AND soul to fuel it doesn’t mean shit. A lifetime of hero WODs, benchmarks, and PR’s are meaningless if that’s truly all you are training for. The next time you hear 3, 2, 1, go – don’t just go. Go pray.

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