Commit to Failure

What if every choice you had to make was – “one and done”? No redo’s, no correcting, no tweaking, no editing, no try again tomorrow – just straight up “one and done”. Would you approach life differently – your job, your marriage, your dreams, your school, your kids, your next lift, your next WOD, your “to do” list? Would you give up, or give it all ya got? So do it already. Commit to failure as much as you want to commit yourself to success and see how much more you accomplish. Failing not only lays your foundation – it constructs the framework for your ceiling. You cannot progress from A to B without an A. So go out, fall on that “A”ss and get up to do better next time. Truth is, every decision you make is a “one and done”. But, it’s only that decision, in that moment, at that time that’s done – not you. Get up to fail again until you get it right.


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