“In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.” – Isaac Asimov




– Strength – 

3 Position Snatch – 10min – build from 60% 

* Open Competitors – build NO heavier than 65% *


– Conditioning – 

EMOM x 15min:

1st min: 30sec row

2nd min: 30sec T2B

3rd min: 30sec snatch  (95/65)


* Open competitors *

3 rounds (at a conversational pace)

10 thrusters  (45/35)

10 box jump overs  (24/20)


– Mobility – 

Blue Angel pec minor/collarbone mash w/ supernova x 3-5min ea

Lateral pec/serratus mash w/ supernova or lacrosse ball x 3-5min ea

Low banded traction x 3-5min ea side


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