“He is no lawyer who cannot take two sides.” – Charles Lamb


 – Weightlifting –  

EMOM x 8min: 

1 snatch push press + 1 snatch balance + 3 OHS (weight may be progressive, but keep it moderate – work your technical proficiency) 


 – Conditioning –  

4 rounds for time of: 

10 power snatch (135/95) 

50 DU

10 OHS (135/95) 

50 DU

* 18min time cap * 


 – Mobility –  

Reverse banded hurdler x 3-5min ea side

Adductor cowboy KB smash x 3-5min ea side

Illyo-psoas KB smash (inside pelvic bone) x 3-5min ea side


Teachable Tuesday – the KB swing

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