“Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you; it can heat your house. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you. If you can control your fear, it makes you more alert, like a deer coming across the lawn.” – Mike Tyson


– Strength/Skill –

A) Every 3min x 15min:
Bench Press x 3-5reps 
– Rest 20sec –
B) Bent over alt DB row x 8-10reps


– Conditioning –

AMRAP in 10min of:
10 DB G2O (L3 = 45/35, L2 = 40/25, L1 = 35/20)
100m run
10 Ring Dips  (L3 = w/ DB, L2 = stated, L1 = bench dips x 20)
100m run


– Mobility –

Banded posterior chain good mornings x 20-30 oscillations

Banded posterior chain track starts x 20-30 oscillations

Monkey bars of death x 3-5min